Peacock in Concert will take place Saturday the 12th of March!  

The time has finally come! We have found a new date on which we can take our grand deep dive through the Illusion of Time: Peacock in Concert 2022 will take place on March 12th at the AFAS Live in Amsterdam.   

Don’t have your ticket yet? You still have a chance! 

Peacock in Concert is already sold out. However, due to rescheduling the event a limited amount of refunded tickets will go back on sale again on Saturday the 26th of February at 12:00 CET via Mark your calendars and be sure you don’t miss out this time!   

Already have your tickets? All ticket holders will receive an e-mail with further info about their purchase.   

We can’t wait to party with all of you again! Prepare for an incredible musical & visual experience that will take over the AFAS Live. 

Time is an illusion: our perception of its flow doesn’t match the physical reality we experience. When time emerges, both illusions and the representation of humans’ inability to see the world in all of its details arise. But what is reality then, if there even is one to be defined? 

Join Peacock in Concert in their grand deep dive through the Illusion of Time, challenging the perception of the world we experience.

This year, Peacock in Concert will be bigger than it ever was before. No less than the AFAS Live represents the ground on which the Illusion of Time will be discovered. The members of Peacock in Concert are above all committed to provide you with an incredible show experience, that won’t leave your thoughts any time soon.

Peacock in Concert has quickly transformed into a one-of-a-kind experience within the harder styles of dance music. With an ensemble consisting of true musicians with a creative vision, Peacock in Concert has perfected their formula, leading crowds to euphoria with every single performance. Get ready for them to take it to an all-time high this upcoming November, making you second guess the concept of time by a unique composition of visuals, beats and melodies.

Peacock in Concert 2022 – Illusion of Time will take place on Saturday the 12th of March at the AFAS Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

VIP = sold out
Regular tickets = sold out. A limited amount of tickets will become available again on Saturday the 26th of February at 12:00 CET.

Peacock in Concert (Illusion of Time Show)
Dr. Peacock vs. N-Vitral
Dr. Peacock vs. Bulletproof vs. Angernoizer
The Sickest Squad – ‘One More Shot’ Album Showcase
Mr. Ivex
Super Trash Bros. LIVE
Captain Core
Da Mouth of Madness

Date: 12th of March

Location: AFAS Live, Johan Cruijff Boulevard 590, 1101 DS Amsterdam

Minimum age: 18

Time: 17:30-00:00

For this event, the at the time current COVID-19 measures taken by the Dutch government will apply. This means you’ll need to show a negative test result before entering the event.

Information about ‘1G’ testing  
Peacock in Concert will be a ‘1G’ event, which means that everyone (vaccinated or non-vaccinated) has to show a negative test result before entering the AFAS Live. This negative test result cannot be older than 24 hours. These are the general covid measures that currently apply in the Netherlands. You’ll find a step-by-step plan on what to do & answers to frequently asked questions down below.   

Step-by-stap plan  

  1)    Personalize your ticket. All tickets for Peacock in Concert on the 12th of March need to be personalized in order to download it. (Note: the name on your ticket does not need to match your ID if, for example, someone else uses your ticket).  

2)    To get a valid Corona Entry pass, you need to get tested at one of the ‘Testen voor Toegang’ locations in The Netherlands. These tests are free. You can make an appointment at The negative test result cannot be older than 24 hours. We recommend to do the test up to 24 hours in advance, and at least 2 hours in advance because it can take some some before you receive your test result, 

3)    Corona Check-app: Download the Corona Check app here ( for free on your phone. You can create your valid Corona Entry Pass in the app with the negative test result provided by ‘Testen voor Toegang’. With this valid QR-code you can enter the event. Make sure to bring your ID, so we can validate. 


What do I need when coming from abroad?
Foreign visitors coming from Europe can use the EU Digital Corona Certificate. They also need to be tested no later than 24 hours leading up to the event. Foreign visitors coming from a country where they do not have a EU Digital Corona Certificate need to be tested at in The Netherlands. You can then enter the event after downloading the CoronaCheck app and uploading your negative test result. 

I just recovered from COVID-19, do I need to get tested?
Yes. 1G means that everyone, even if you just recovered from covid, needs to get tested. The ‘Testen voor Toegang’ tests are antigen tests, which means you don’t need to take a PCR test. The chances to testing positive with an antigen test, when you recently had covid and are no longer contagious, are minimal.

Do I need to personalize my ticket?
Yes, everyone needs to personalize their ticket. Otherwise, you can’t download it. However, you don’t need to match your ID with the name on the ticket, for instance if you’ve bought one from a friend.  

 What if I test positive the day of the event?
We understand that it would be very disappointing to test positive the day of the event. Therefore we give you the possibility, to change your ticket to the next edition for free if you test positive for covid at ‘Testen voor Toegang’. You can then e-mail with your proof of a positive test result and your ticket on the day of the event.